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Researcher, National Center for Agricultural Research and Extension. Directorate of Water, Soil and Environment Research, Jordan

Dr. Luna Al-Hadidi

Areas of Research: Treatment and reuse of wastewater, irrigation management

JWP: Non-Belmont Partner, Jordan

Biographical Information

Dr. Al-Hadidi holds a B.Sc. (1991) in Soil and Irrigation from the university of Jordan  and  a Ph.D.(2009) from the same university in "Treatment and reuse of wastewater using surface and sub-surface wetlands". She is working in research on different topics related to the use of marginal water and irrigation management. Since 1998 she was working in different projects related to advanced agricultral technologies in dryland areas- water saving component funded by JICA. She has a bachground in working with MERC-USAID regional projects. A new project which is funded by MERC-USAID, is carried out in Ramtha using membrane (UF+RO) biotechnology in wastewater treatement for sustainable agriculture.  Another previous project funded by MERC-USAID was carried out in two areas of  Ramtha and Mubes using treated wastewater in agriculture using membrane biotechnology. Previously she was a Lab supervisor at the University of Jordan/ Faculty of Agriculture, dealing with many projects (fieldwork, computer work, and lab analysis), computer work handling the data and the results. Teaching assistant for the practical lab of soil fertility & fertilizer course. Lab work dealing with different chemical and physical analysis of the soil


Dr. Al-Hadidi is the team leader for soil and irrigation team for both projects "Reuse of treated wastewater on the production of rapeseed as biodiseal" and "Integerated reuse of wastewater for areas suffering from poverty in eastern Zarqa area.

Dr. Al-Hadidi is a member of the Agricultural Engineers Association,  Jordanian Society for Desertification  Control  & Badia  Development, and member of the founder committee of the "Jordan Society for  GIS and Space Technologies. She participated in many conferences and workshops related to research.


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Safi MI, Fardous A, Muddaber M, El-Zuraiqi S, Al-Hadidi L, and Bashabsheh I. 2005. Effect of Treated Saline Water on Flower Yield and Quality of Roses Rosa hybrida and Carnation Dianthus caryophyllusScienceAsia 31(4). 335-339.