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Scientist- UFZ Leipzig

Dr. Katja Sigel

Areas of Research: Socio-economic water research

JWP Germany: Scientist with Bernd Klauer

Biographical Information

Dr. Sigel has been a Scientist at the Helmholtz Centre for Environmental Research – UFZ Leipzig, Department of Economics since 2003. She led a subproject on participatory sanitation planning in peri-urban slums in the city of Darkhan, Mongolia, and worked within a series of interdisciplinary projects on the implementation of the European Water Framework Directive. After her studies in Geoecology and Hydrology at the University of Bayreuth she worked at the Bavarian Water Management Administration in the field of international cooperation and technology transfer for three years.


Dr. Sigel’s work involves socio-economic research on sustainability in the water sector with particular focus on water and sanitation in developing countries, economic valuation of water resources and water services, analysis of the institutional and political framework conditions, participatory sanitation planning and decision-making under uncertainty and ignorance.