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Professor of Water Management, Chair of Water Engineering, University of Manchester

Dr. Julien Harou

Areas of Research: Water management policy and economics

JWP: Belmont Partner, Principle Investigator, UK lead

Biographical Information

Dr. Harou is an internationally recognised expert on modelling water resource system planning and management including economic drivers of water use and allocation, water trading, infrastructure portfolio optimisation and planning of water supply under uncertainty.


The emphasis of his group is on using state-of-the-art modelling methods and decision-making frameworks to help inform debate and formulate effective policies. His research focuses on modelling to support water allocation policy-making, infrastructure capacity expansion (supply-demand optioneering), and water markets (regional / local water trading). Dr. Harou has 6 PhD students and a post-doc working in his group. Research is done in collaboration with England and Wales water regulators, water companies and international institutions (World Bank, WWF, IUCN).

Professional Activities

Dr. Harou co-chaired the session Advances in Modeling of Coupled Hydrologic-Socioeconomic Systems at EGU 2012.  He is chairing iEMSs 2012 Session I.2 on Water management and planning - models for unique institutional, economic and geographic contexts.  Julien organised the London water hackathon, part of the world-bank lead global event.  He initiated the HydroPlatform project, an open-source software for water management models. HydroPlatform was selected at NASA's Launch: Water event as a leading innovation for promoting sustainable water use.


Room B37, Pariser Building, School of Mechanical, Aerospace and Civil Engineering, The University of Manchester, PO Box 88, Manchester, M60 1QD